im体育官网注册 is where the fearless pursuit of truth comes to live. Our distinctive form and style of education and our rigorous pursuit of knowledge have established us as one of the world’s most influential institutions of higher learning. 

Our faculty of scholars and 科学家们 from across the University teach 各种背景的学生 and intellectual interests. Although many of them have shaped and defined entire fields of study, 作为老师,他们关注的是如何思考,而不是思考什么. 的历史 核心课程,我们严格 专业,辅修和专业,我们的巨大机遇 学生的研究, 我们全面的职业发展计划, and our steadfast commitments to access and to diversity of thought through free expression empower students to address meaningful scholarly, 社会, 和文化问题. 我们提供变革性的教育, delivered through extraordinary learning experiences that range from debating Nobel laureate faculty to working on the 南极的CosRay中子监测器,参加了数以千计的挑战付费 夏季实习机会 在非盈利机构, 科学的计划, 以及世界各地的商业机构, 学习现代欧洲历史, 高等数学, 和神经科学领域的领军人物 im体育官网注册巴黎中心,更多的. 甚至Scav, 我们最爱的年度寻宝游戏, creatively inspires our students to approach learning through inquiry: determined questioning, 具有挑战性的假设, 和知识的辩论.

在日常生活中, the University is also a cluster of many small institutional communities -- College Houses, 部门, 委员会, 中心, 公认的学生组织, 团队, 以及许多其他类似的团体. Each group depends upon individuals developing common bonds and cultivating interests in fellowship with other members of the University community. 最好的工作, all of these small micro-worlds must depend upon and practice candor, 真实性, 以及对批判性和开放式辩论的容忍. 从1890年开始教学生如何识别好想法, 良好的推理, 和精确的参数, liberal education at the University of Chicago has exerted a seminal effect in training generations of young undergraduates in the skills of the scholar: intellectual engagement, 在争论中保持公正, 以及面对知识的不确定性时的学者勇气.

作为一个结果, numerous College alumni contribute to society as scholarly educators, 科学家们, 政治领导人, 医学专家, 企业和社区领袖, 企业家,更多的. 他们的成就影响着我们今天的日常生活. 举几个例子:

  • 促进科学和健康的医学突破(e.g.他是发现白血病病因的生物学家)
  • 娱乐我们的业务(e.g.他是芝加哥小熊棒球队的老板。
  • Ideas and discoveries that change how we share information and socialize (e.g., cofounder of Pinterest; chief scientist for Alibaba Cloud AI)
  • 让我们的世界变得更好的发明.g.他为第三世界国家发明了万能眼镜)
  • 启发和激励我们的才能.g.普利策奖获奖记者和剧作家)
  • Advocacy that improves inclusion, accessibility, and community sustainability (e.g., community activists combatting poverty; founders of a nonprofit bringing college-level math into middle schools)
  • Knowledge that is shaping fields and educating future scholars (e.g., foremost 科学家们 and professors in colleges and universities around the world)


Our diverse student community is bonded together by a shared love of learning. 几十年来, 各种背景的学生, 地理位置, and intellectual interests who choose UChicago remark similarly: “在im体育官网注册,我终于有了家的感觉, 周围都是献身于心灵生活的人.”

"I chose UChicago because it had the most challenging and diverse academic program. I was instantly curious after looking over a list of classes—they ranged from typical sounding university classes, 例如《im体育注册》, 独特而令人惊讶的主题, 比如德国童话课程. This made me excited to learn in a way that no other prospective university had been able to do. I am now in my fourth year and am happy to say that my initial impression was correct. 通过我在这里的时间, I have been able to take a huge variety of classes and learn something interesting and new 对我来说." -Dasha Beniash, 2019届毕业生

"When I was deciding on schools, UChicago was an obvious first choice. im体育官网注册不仅提供世界级的学术, but also makes them accessible with its outstanding financial aid. 课程以外的, 这里的学生享受强调社区的住房计划, 对于一年级学生来说,什么是有价值的. Student life is vibrant with a rich diversity of student clubs and activities, and we can always count on resources from academic and career advising, 第九条辅导及学生健康服务. I knew from the start that this school would be a great fit for me." -娜奥米·甘茨,2019届毕业生

"I chose to attend UChicago to become immersed in a world with which I had no familiarity. As a fourth-year undergraduate who is of a first-generation and low-income background, I’ve become incredibly grateful for this environment in which desire and passion are equally important as hard work on the path to success. I have to come to believe that it is the little things at UChicago that make it unique as a post-secondary institution. The messages of encouragement written on the walls of bathroom stalls, 各种类型的社区, and the people who are committed to helping others on their path of growth and development are things that cannot be found elsewhere. 最重要的是, there is no other place that I know that acts as a host to a community of people and empowers them to make a difference both on-campus and beyond; and, 对我来说, 这是im体育官网注册不可缺少的独特之处." ——ken Leng, 2019届毕业生

"I chose UChicago because I knew from the moment I set foot on campus that this was going to be my home for the next four years. 对我来说, the decision was largely based off of the academic reputation; I wanted a new challenge and UChicago’s theoretical approach to learning was just that. I can safely say that no class I have taken here can be characterized as “easy,” but I can also definitely say that I’ve learned more in my short time at UChicago so far than I could have ever imagined. 但是,这个校园是 so much more than academics—much of my UChicago experience has to do with the people I have met. 这些都是我在住房系统里的经历, 我参与过的校园里的一系列rso, 还有我的教授和导师, 一手塑造了我是谁. 我真的觉得我找不到这么有激情的人, 聪明的, 和其他大学的爱心团体!" -拉克希·米塔尔,2021级

"I transferred to UChicago as a junior because I wanted to study the history and philosophy of mathematics. 这是一个小众专业,没有很多学校提供, 在那些这样做的人当中, im体育官网注册是最好的之一. 当我申请, I was hoping to be in an environment where I can converse freely with peers and professors who share my passion, 而我在im体育官网注册就能做到这一点. The vigorous history of science community here has supplied me with abundant inspiration, 指导, 的想法, 和免费的咖啡, 对此我将永远心存感激." -西莉亚·万,2019届毕业生